ProTerra Metal Fans

ProTerra® Metal Fans cone, box and panel styles

  • Factory-assembled using heavy-gauge, galvanized steel panels with screw fasteners.
  • Smaller fans have galvanized steel blades, while the 52-inch (132.1-cm) model has blades made of even heavier gauge galvanized steel.
  • Automatic belt tensioning system uses an idler arm and pulley to maintain constant optimum belt tension on the fan’s easy-to- change belt.
  • Heavy-duty, cast iron, air-handler type bearings are self-aligning, pre-lubricated, and include a zerk fitting, as well as being shielded from moisture and dust.

BI-FLOW® Shutter

  • Improves fan performance by minimizing obstructions during fan operation.
  • Delivers up to 10% more air with 75% less opportunity for air to leak through compared to a traditional louver shutter.
  • BI-FLOW Doors do not suffer the 12-15% loss of efficiency and air speed typical of dirty louver-style shutters, so air speed is maintained over time.
  • The BI-FLOW Shutter consists of only two moving parts for greater reliability and easier cleaning.

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