ProTerra Evaporated Cooling System

PROTERRA® Evaporative Cooling Systems offer uniform surface wetting, meet optimum industry cooling standards, facilitate and minimize maintenance, and can be configured for nearly any building.

  • Easy-to-remove pads with black coating and 45/15 fluting for top performance. Protective bottom coating is optional.
  • Open top design for easy visibility and access for cleaning.
  • inch water hole minimizes clogging.
  • Full two-inch water distribution pipe allows for more even water distribution across pad area.
  • System includes removable end plugs for easy cleaning and rubber water containment seals at system ends.
  • Pad heights range from two through six feet in one foot increments.
  • Long 75-foot maximum standard length (or up to 110 feet with a center-mounted sump location).
  • Easy-to-install one-piece trough is made of heavy-duty, ultraviolet-resistant polypropylene.
  • Seamless fabric-reinforced trough eliminates leaks and minimizes maintenance. No joints to glue and dry, and no holes to be cut.
  • Mount innovative sump tank in middle or at either end for flexibility in layout.

Submersible Pump
Heavy-duty submersible pump features a cast-iron motor housing and upper and lower ball bearings.

Standard Mounting System
Use your choice of a 4- or 5-foot tunnel door with either a 5- or 6-foot pad. System can be installed over ProTerra® Tunnel Door to eliminate need for doghouse construction and curtain.

90-Degree Around-the-Corner Kit
Especially handy for wider house applications. Sump must be on the side with the longest pad length.