Intelligro® Controls & I-Central™ Software

The INTELLIGRO® Line of controls includes configurations starting with 32 output relays. Additional relays may be added in groups of 8 up to 80 – all feature robust, reliable, state-of-the-art technology.

Standard Features

  • Large 1/4 VGA LCD display (320 x 240)
  • Soft key functionality (the function of the keys changes relative to the display for easy operation)
  • Six temperature and one static pressure sensor
  • Temperature and minimum ventilation curves
  • Ventilation timer ramping
  • Cooling timers
  • Light and feed clocks
  • Eight additional time clocks
  • Mechanical switch for manual override
  • Expanded history subjects
  • Alarm output
  • Memory key with external access port

Optional Features

  • PC communications
  • Two potentiometer inputs
  • Additional temperature sensors
  • Relative humidity sensor
  • Feed and water usage inputs
  • Low water pressure alarm switch
  • Auger run-time alarm
  • Air speed sensor

Accessory Equipment

  • Standard and expanded back-up boxes plus lightning protection devices are available and are highly recommended.

I-CENTRAL™ Software works together with the INTELLIGRO® Controls.

  • Review and adjust control settings from on- or off-site locations.
  • View critical data on screen in a table or a graph.
  • Use key performance information to maximize production.
  • Access and display user-selected layouts of individual farm data.
  • Store historical information for later analysis and performance comparison.
  • Monitor a complete farm complex, single house or single zone with a simple click of      the mouse.
  • Utilize the accumulated data to analyze and enhance performance.
  • Display data more effectively than ever before.
  • Works with Windows®-based operating systems (Windows XP or 2000).

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