Blu’Hox 30

Blu’Hox30 is designed for piglets from 5 kg onwards and provides an affordable and more natural instinct from the day one.

  • Their natural rooting instinct learns freshly weaned piglets to dispense feed into the pan by means of the rotor.
  • The combination of the smoothly turning rotor and an asymmetrical hopper provide a swift feed flow.
  • The feed and water located in the same spot and within easy reach for the smaller piglets.
  • A handy step up as part of the pan allows weaned piglets to easily reach the special weaning nipple.
  • Every piglet determines its own feed and water ratio.
  • There is always sufficient space around the pan for 6 or 10 animals (depending on the Blu’Hox feeder you choose).
  • No fighting for a feeding spot! All piglets, even the smallest ones, get plenty of opportunity to take feed and water in according to their indivdual needs.
  • Blu’Hox has a special pan shape with anti-waste edge.
  • Blu’Hox allows an accurate adjustment of the feed level.
  • Any spilled water mixes with the feed in the pan and is consumed.


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